Continuing to Stand with Ukraine

When Putin had made it clear that he was going to wage war on his next door neighbor, who knew how destructive it would become? Many left, running with every bit of adrenaline they had. Leaving behind their possessions and carrying memories like the backpacks strapped on their backs. Some taking fire power along the way and others having to unexpectantly say goodbye (if they got the chance). So much heart ache! Yet in the midst of this tragedy, monstrosity, and injustice, we have witnessed the courage, boldness, and beauty of the Ukrainian heart. We continue to stand with Ukraine!

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If you’re still looking for a way to help out in the midst of this crisis, there are a few ways that you can help:


Ukrainian Red Cross Society: The Ukrainian Red Cross Society offers various resources such as first aid training, social services and home care, blood donations, and more. Donating to this organization continues to enable them to deliver things such as food, medicine, etc. to their local sites throughout Ukraine. “Since the start of the full-scale war, the Ukrainian Red Cross sent to the regions of Ukraine over 5,418 tonnes of humanitarian cargo.” (Ukrainian Red Cross Society).

Project HOPE: The Project HOPE organization helps meet the medical needs and provide medical supplies to the people of Ukraine. With your support, this organization will be able to continue to meet the medical needs. “As conflict intensifies inside Ukraine, Project HOPE is on the ground in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Moldova actively delivering medicines, medical supplies, mental health support, and other urgent assistance.” (Project HOPE).

Convoy of Hope: Similar to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, Convoy of Hope helps to provide a variety of resources (i.e. food, baby supplies, meals, medicine, mental health resources, etc.). “Convoy of Hope continues to serve refugees in eight European countries. Behind each of the 50 million meals Convoy will distribute is someone with a unique story.”(Convoy of Hope).

World Central Kitchen: The World Central Kitchen is providing meals to many in Ukraine in the midst of this crisis. With your help, World Central Kitchen can continue to help feed many. “Across Ukraine, WCK is bringing hundreds of thousands of daily meals and 14 million pounds of food to over 3,000 distribution sites.” (World Central Kitchen).

CARE: CARE is providing supplies such as food, mental health assistance, water etc. to Ukraine, in particular to women, families, and seniors. “Innocent families, women, girls, and the elderly will suffer most. CARE’s crisis response aims to reach 4 millions with your help.” (CARE).

There’s so many coming together to help. Whether you chose one of these options or another organization, know that your help can truly make a difference.

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